Staff List


S.No. Name ofthe Staff Designation Qualification
1. Mr. R.Ramesh HOD M.Sc.,M.Phil, B.Ed(Maths)
2. Mr. J.Sivabalakrishnan Sr.Lecturer M.SC,B.SC(MATHS), M.PHIL (Maths)
3. Mr.V.Ganesan Sr.Lecturer M.SC(PHYSICS)
4. Ms. P.Porkodi Lecturer M.A.,B.ED, M.PHIL (ENGLISH)
5. Ms.V.Vijayarmaya Lecturer M.SC(Maths), B.ED (Maths)
6. Ms.A.Shanthi Lecturer M.SC.,B.ED (Chemistry)
7. Mr.M.Murugan Lecturer M.SC.,B.ED (Chemistry)
8. Mr. R.David Anand Lecturer M.A(ENGLISH),
9. Mr. G.Raja Lecturer M.SC.(PHYSICS),B.ED (PHYSICS)
10. Mr.M.P.Tamizhmani Lecturer M.SC., B.ED (PHYSICS)
11. Mr.R.Ramachandiran Lecturer M.SC., B.ED (Chemistry)
12. Mrs.P.Sudha Lecturer M.Sc., M.Phil (Maths)
13. Mr.R.Sivakumar Lecturer M.SC (Maths), B.ED (Maths)
14. Mr.S.Thirumurugan Lecturer M.SC., M.PHIL (Maths)
15. Mrs.R.Manichudar Lecturer M.SC., B.ED (Chemistry)
16. Mr.J.Gilbert Sahayaraj Lecturer M.SC., B.ED (Physics)
17. Ms.K. Punitha Lecturer M.Sc., B.Ed. (Phy)
18. Ms.K. Sujatha Lecturer MCA., M.Phil (Chemistry)
19. Ms.B. Abinaya Lecturer M.Sc., M.Phil (Maths)
20. Ms.S. Akila Lecturer M.Sc., M.Phil (Maths)
21. Ms. D.Hemalatha Lecturer M.Sc(Maths)
22. Ms.P.Sathya Lecturer M.Sc(Maths)
23. Mrs.V.S.Selvi Lecturer M.Sc.,M.Phil (Maths)
24. Ms.M.Devi Lecturer M.Sc.,M.Phil (Maths)
25. Ms.S.Devi Lecturer M.Sc(Chemistryl)
26. Ms.A.Jaculin Raiza Lecturer M.Sc (Chemistryl)



S.No. Name ofthe Staff Designation Qualification
27. Mr. D.Prithiviraj HOD B.E
28. Mr.S.Dhanasekaran Lecturer M.E
29. Mr.B.Sivakumar Lecturer B.E
30. Mr.N.Subash Lecturer B.E
31. Mr.U.Prabakaran Lecturer B.E
32. Mr.K.Dineshbabu Lecturer B.E
33. Mr.K.Sindhuja Lecturer B.E
34. Ms.C.Revathi Lecturer / Communication English M.A (English),
35. Ms.K.Sridevi Lecturer (CAD /CAM) M.C.A


S.No. Name ofthe Staff Designation Qualification
36. Mr. S. Sivaguru HOD B.E
37. Mr. J. Selvaraju Lecturer D.M.E
38. Mr.M.Mohanraj Lecturer B.E
39. Mr.G.Bharath Kumar Lecturer B.E
40. Mr.A.Gurusamy Lecturer B.E
41. Mr.M.Sivaraj Lecturer B.E
42. Mr.V.Arumugavignesh Lecturer B.E
43. Mr.R.Jegan Lecturer B.E
44. Mr.T.Anbarasan Lecturer B.E
45. Mr.V.Govindarajan Lecturer M.A. (English)
46. Mrs.R.Shobia Lecturer M.A., M.Phil(English)
47. Mr. A. Anadh babu Lecturer/CAD / CAM B.E
48. Mr. K.Rajesh Lecturer/CAD/ CAM B.E



S.No. Name ofthe Staff Designation Qualification
49. Mr.R.Nandakumar HOD AMIE
50. Mr.K.Manivannan Lecturer M.E
51. Mr.K.Purushothaman Sr.Lecturer B.E
52. Mr.D,Balachander Lecturer B.E
53. Mr.K.Veeramanikandan Lecturer B.E
54. Mr.K.Vignesh Lecturer B.E
55. Mr.V.Vignesh Lecturer B.E
56. Mr.S.Karthikeyan Lecturer B.E
57. Mr.M.Govindan Lecturer B.E
58. Ms.T.Muthuranjitham Lecturer /English M.A., B.Ed(English)
59. Ms.M.Bency Dona Mary Lecturer / English M.A., M.Phil (English)
60. Mr. R. Magesh Lecturer/CAD/ CAM B.E



S.No. Name ofthe Staff Designation Qualification
61. Mr.V.Ragothaman Principal B.E
62. Mr. D. Muthukumaran Sr.Lecturer B.E
63. Mr. V. Jayakandhan Lecturer B.E
64. Mr. C. Sankar Lecturer B.E
65. Mr. S. Devanathan Lecturer B.E
66. Mr. T.Sepastian raj Lecturer B.E
67. Mr. B.Santhosh Kumar Lecturer B.E
68. Mr. R.Dhivagar Lecturer B.E
69. Mr. P.Yosatharan Lecturer B.E
70. Mr.T.D.Suresh Lecturer B.E
71. Ms.R.Sivakumari Lecturer B.E
72. Ms.C.Anbukkarasi Lecturer / English M.A (English)
73. Mr. M. Balamurugan Lecturer/CAD/CAM B.E



S.No. Name ofthe Staff Designation Qualification
74. Mrs. R.Kanchana HOD B.E
75. Mr. M.Shankar Sr.Lecturer B.E
76. Mrs. B.Rajini Lecturer D.E.C.E
77. Mr. J.Ezhilarasan Lecturer B.E
78. Mrs.L.Jeevitha Lecturer B.E
79. Mrs.R.Shopia Lecturer B.E



S.No. Name ofthe Staff Designation Qualification
80. Mr. G.Padmanaban Sr.Lecturer M.C.A
81. Mr. S.Santhanakrishnan Lecturer M.C.A
82. Ms. J.Vinithamary Lecturer B.E
83. Mr. Albert Maria Joseph Lecturer M.C.A
84. Mrs.T.Sathiyapriya Lecturer M.C.A
85. Mrs.Priyadharshini Lecturer M.C.A
86. Ms.K.Jayakodi Lecturer M.A, , B.ED (ENGLISH)
87. Ms.Parameswari Lecturer M.C.A
88. Mr. S.Thangaraj System Hardware B.E



S.No. Name ofthe Staff Designation Qualification
89. Mrs.Jayalakshmi Lecturer/English Communication M.A (English)
90. Mr.Senthilkumar Lecturer / English Communication M.A (English)
91. Ms.N.Prabha Lecturer M.C.A
92. Ms.S.Prathiba Lecturer M.C.A



S.No. Name ofthe Staff Designation Qualification
93. Mr. J.Viswanathan Librarian M.A(PUBLIC ADM) & MLIS, BLSI, M.PHIL(LIBRARY SCIENCE)
94. Mr. A.Tamizh Selvan PhysicalInstructor M.P.ED.,B.A.B.P.ED., STATETECHNICAL OFFICER INVOLLEY BALL
95. Mr.P. Sudhayaraja Physical Instructor M.SC(PHY EDU), CFC


Course  Fees Rs.30,000/- per Annum as per G.O. (NIS) No.21, Dated: 13/02/2003 from the higher education department / India.


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