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Elumalai Polytechnic College, Villupuram jointly with Board of Apprenticesh...

Welcome to Elumalai Polytechnic College

The Elumalai Polytechnic College owes its existence to the beneficiation and philanthropy of Thiru. E. Swamikkannu, a business magnet of Villupuram. He envisaged Villupuram District, which would be in the forefront of the technical educational area, imbibed with lofty ideals.The Institution was awarded ISO 9001: 2000

Correspondent's Message

" By rendering this service, I wish to say that I have also taken a part in the development of the nation, to become a super power nation by 2020. "

Secretary Message

"Our main aim is to enlight the students who are from rural areas to uplift their families"

Principal Message

"I am very proud and happy to write from this desk on this memorable day to welcome the younger generation to go through few lines, about the prestigious institution "ELUMALAI POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE" an associate institution of E.S. Group..

Thank you very much for spending your time with me. As the world is spherical hope to meet you soon. "